Preparing Your Home for Sale - Staging

We have seen over and over again, that Sellers who use our complementary staging services net thousands of dollars more on the sale of their home.

Approximately 90% of all homes will benefit from some degree of “staging.” Some homes may require as little as packing up the family photos and re-arranging some of the furniture; others may benefit from a more work. Either way, this is a vitally important step in selling a home for the highest price, and is one our team is very good at. We can confidently say our staging services will net you thousands of dollars more. And most staging is included in our standard fee.

1. Sheri’s suggestions are geared toward getting you the highest “return for your dollar.” Staging suggestions are tailored individually, for each home /homeowner – taking into consideration your needs, budget, comfort level, and timeline.

2. After the walk through, Sheri will write up a list of recommendations, and a timeline for completion. Then our staging team gets busy!

3. Our Orange County preferred vendor list  has referrals for painters, handymen, carpet cleaners, window washers, gardeners, etc. Our team helps arrange appointments, gathers estimates, and we get your approval before any work is done. We schedule the work with you, and even meet workmen on your behalf as needed.

4. We keep a small warehouse of decorative objects, light furnishings and artwork we use as needed, to add a pop of color here, a bit of emotional appeal there, or better functionality to a space.

5. Our team will do all the physical work and our decorative staging items remain in your home until your Buyer is solidly under contract, and again, this is all included in our standard fee.

Once staging is complete – you’re ready for your photo shoot!

6. Occasionally, professional staging  is recommended. When a professional stager is used, the seller contracts directly with the stager at an additional fee. Note: We will only recommend professional staging, when we know the job will pay dividends for the Seller. We have a list of recommend stagers, and work with them to be sure all work is completed according to our high standards and within your budget and timeline.

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