Professional Photography & Property Description

Professional Photography is a crucial element in marketing for the highest price for your home. A beautifully staged home, professionally photographed and described, will entice and engage potential Buyers emotionally. This is where the buyer will live their lives, so invoking the “feeling” of what it will be like to live in the home is very important. High quality professional photography and well-written property descriptions help give the buyer a feeling of what it will be like to live in this home.

1. Sheri, the Listing Coordinator, and the Marketing Coordinator show up at the photo shoot early, to make sure everything is in place, and lights are turned on.

2. As the photographer shoots, we make sure he is capturing the homes’ angles and features we want to highlight in the home.

3. Professional shots are processed and emailed to our team.

4. Meanwhile, Sheri or the lead agent is busy writing the property description, making sure to highlight the key selling features of the home.

5. Many times, a home has features and benefits too numerous to put into the shorter description field in the Multiple Listing Service and national websites. We regularly prepare a “detail sheet” outlining all special features and upgrades. This will be added to our marketing.

Now You’re Ready to Go Live on the Market!

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