Part 1: Pre-Sale Consultation

Sheri believes in taking the time necessary with each client, to thoroughly understand goals and timelines; in order to thoughtfully construct an individualized strategy for the client to achieve those goals.


1. Telephone Consultation: 

Discussion of general goals, expectations, property details, and determine next step.


2. Appointment #1

In some cases, Sheri will ask to meet at the property for a preliminary “walk-through.” Detailed notes are taken. Special features, upgrades and potential “staging” suggestions are noted. After this appointment, Sheri is equipped to research and devise a strategy for a “high market sale” for your home. (Approx. 30-45 minutes.)


3. Appointment #2

This appointment answers all your questions, highlights key points of marketing, and what it will take to get the highest value for your home. Commission options are also discussed. If you are ready to move forward, listing paperwork is authorized and a timeline prepared. (Approximately 1.5-2.5 hours.)


4. Appointment #3

Sheri and our team stager will meet with you to get the staging process started. We help you implement our suggestions, always respecting your budget, timeline, and comfort level, for the highest return on your investment. (consultation 1-2.5 hours)

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