Pricing Your Home


The number one goal of Sheri Isaacs Real Estate Group is to obtain a top dollar sale on your home in the shortest period of time with the least number of problems. Because many agents don’t offer a significant marketing program, they will often try to “buy” a listing. This means that the agent will initially recommend a very handsome price to the seller. This is a price that sounds quite attractive in the beginning but does not attract a serious buyer in a competitive market. After the agent has the listing and the house hasn’t sold because of the inflated price and poor marketing, the agent recommends lowering the price and lowering the price again…and again…and again… Guess, what? This agent just cost the home seller a great deal of money and time. Time is money and the longer you are on the market, the less a home typically sells for. An agent can cost a seller thousands of dollars by not being honest or knowledgeable about pricing.

Our approach is to prepare a thorough, well-researched, computerized market evaluation on your home. Your home is unique, so just like all other homes it does not just fall into a category with all of the other homes similar to yours. A careful study of the market in your neighborhood and an assessment of your home will give us the information needed to be correct with our pricing opinion. A careful study of the active inventory- the competition on the market, the most recent pendings and current market and economic conditions also play a part in our pricing strategy. Sometimes we recommend range pricing. Sometimes we dont. After our careful analysis of all factors, you – the home seller – will have the necessary information to make an educated decision in setting the best price.

We provide all necessary data. We give you our recommendation. YOU make the decision. When using a fixed price, the best advice is to price your home at a maximum without taking the price too high. Overpricing can be extremely costly. When using range pricing, choosing the correct range is critical. This is why you need a seasoned, knowledgeable professional to guide you. One thing that we can promise you is that we will offer you good sound honest information on your home’s pricing. We won’t tell you what you want to hear just to get the listing.

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