Presenting Your Home In The Best Light

How to make sure your home is:

Your agent will most likely put your home into the MLS or Multiple Listing Service, which then syndicates to hundreds of different websites. HOW your home is represented in the MLS and other media is crucial! It all starts here.

Here are 16 Steps to make sure your home is positively presented to the public:

1. Make sure your Realtor hires a professional home photographer with an eye for presentation, as part of their service.

2. Ask your Realtor for “staging suggestions.”

3. Ask your agent to suggest recommended “fix-ups;” paint, carpet or staging, and complete them prior to taking photos.

4. Make sure the photographer touches up photos as needed; adding blue sky on a cloudy day, literally!

5. The MLS photos should have detailed descriptions under each photo, listing items potential buyers might miss.

6. Complete details about your home should be listed in the MLS; not just the “required fields.”

7. Have a list of upgrades ready for your agent, so they’ll have it to refer to, if they don’t take detailed notes as they walk through.

8. Make sure they agent you choose has writing skills! A well-written description of your home should evoke emotion and include the hot buttons of the potential buyer for your home.

9. Ask to see the MLS description and check to be sure it utilizes words carefully so that the most important items are conveyed if MLS space is limited.

10. Using a maximum number of photos allowed in the MLS, will get you more lookers and more interest.

11. Make sure your agent explains how to set up your home for a showing so you’ll be ready every time.

12. Understand it is important not to be present during showings, whenever possible! If you must be there, know what should and shouldn’t be done or said.

13. High quality flyers should be created for your home, using the professional photos and a detailed, flattering description of the property. Never accept a cheap homemade flyer with a “bullet-point” list.

14. If vacant, make sure you choose an agent who has someone to check on the property to remove mail, water potted plants, change smoke detector batteries when they started beeping, wash down the patio, check for lights left on, etc.

15. If vacant, choose and agent who will “stage” the property with decorative items to add a little pizzazz and give photographs perspective.

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