In House Staging

Many of our listings receive the huge benefit of our In-House Staging Services, at no extra cost. This service is run by our Listing Coordinator.

Pre-Sale Preparations:

1. Walk through with Sheri for Staging Consultation with Client (1-3 hours)

2. Sheri or Listing Coordinator will put together a written Action Plan and target a date for Pictures, to be approved by Seller.

3. When Seller has approved the plan, the Listing Coordinator:
• Coordinates and meets with vendors- commonly painters, window washers, carpet people, cleaning services, gardener, to gather estimates for work to be done.
• Emails client with estimates and timeframes, for seller approval.
• Once approved, coordinates and confirms all appointments with Seller and arranges access to the property.
• Meets with vendors as needed to check on work.
• Arranges for payment to be delivered for services from seller to vendor.

4. Staging:
• Assists with re-arranging, removing or replacing seller’s décor items and furnishings, as per the accepted plan.
• Bring in “staging items” from our storehouse of light furnishings, (ie, breakfast tables, barstools, patio furniture, chairs, mirrors, artwork, wall-décor, bath towels and bath mats, greenery, etc.)
• Sheri/ Agent and Listing Coordinator work together to get the look “just right.”

5. Picture Day – our Listing Coordinator shows up early to make sure the “stage is set.”

6. When home is sold and contingencies removed; the Listing Coordinator removes all staging items.



We regularly stages vacant properties, providing accessories, and sometimes light furnishings to one room, to add perspective and color to an otherwise empty space. Minimal staging to a vacant property will substantially increase the marketability of the home.
FULL HOME STAGING services by an outside provider, may be recommended for some homes- at an additional cost to Seller.

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