10 Advantages of Listing with Sheri Isaacs Real Estate Group

A. Superior Knowledge and Experience, Target Marketing and Personalized Representation of your Home lead to:

1. Highest Sales Price for your home in the current market – I am a full time real estate professional with over 26 years of real estate sales experience, and a degree in Sociology. I preview, show, market and sell property throughout South Orange County. I study and stay current on market trends. By comparing your home, both with “computerized MLS details” AND using my “database of experience and knowledge,” I can most accurately set as high an asking price for your home as possible in the current market, and be sure you don’t leave “money on the table.”

2. The Best Buyer for your Home through Target Marketing – Because of my extensive experience, I have a good idea of the type of Buyer(s) who will be most attracted to your home. I highlight and emphasize the “hot points” to attract these Buyers, to help find that “perfect” buyer for your home.

3. Protection for You and Your Equity – With over 500 closed transactions, I have a wealth of knowledge to draw from, to take you through the escrow process and guide you through the contracts and required disclosures. Each escrow has the potential to present challenges, some major. I have the experience to recognize a potential problem and head it off at the pass, long before it can affect you negatively. With $335 million+ in sales, I have the “know-how” to protect you and your equity.

4. Fewer “Low” Appraisals – After getting “your price,” we need you to keep it! If the appraisal comes in lower than the sale price, the Buyer may ask you to lower the price or contribute to the difference. In order to avoid this potentially costly situation, I meet the appraiser and present him with information that he may not have access to, to help support your price – making a low appraisal less likely.

B. Expert Representation of your Home to the Buyer Community Helps you get Top Dollar!

5. “Neighborhood Knowledge” – I know the area! With first-hand local knowledge of the community and neighborhoods, Buyers get their questions answered quickly and informatively – holding and building interest in your property. Neighborhood tracts, builders, floor plans, neighborhood characteristics, demographics, homeowner associations, community attractions and events, shopping and restaurant recommendations, best commuter routes & times, local organizations; I’ve got the answers to questions most often of interest to Buyers.

6. Schools – My team and I have the resources to assist Buyers regarding schools in Orange County. As parents ourselves, we have children ranging from elementary school to college, and we know how important schools are to a large number of buyers. We have first-hand knowledge of many of the schools, and access to the information Buyers want.

7. Getting You “Top Dollar” – I stay informed and I do my homework. I study home sales, pending sales, homes on the market, current market conditions, past markets and future trends, and can accurately and helpfully explain your pricing to prospective Buyers and their agents. This helps sell your home for the best price possible.

8. Credibility – Having your home represented by a “Top Producing” real estate team with the number one national company adds credibility to your listing. Buyers and their agents have a higher level of trust and confidence knowing an experienced professional will be handling the transaction.

C. A Dedicated Professional Real Estate Team Makes a Difference:

9. Respect within the Brokerage community. There are a few Realtors within our local real estate community who stand out as true professionals; who are fair, honest, hard working and with whom you would welcome doing business again. I have been told I am such a Realtor, and I hold that title with extreme honor. Most importantly, this means the homes I represent are seen by others in a positive light – and in the end, my Sellers benefit.

10. Dedication –When you make the choice to work with me, I take this responsibility seriously. I owe it to you to give you honest guidance and feedback and get you the highest price possible, with the least amount of hassle and risk – to provide excellent service, and always respect your investment and your needs. Your business is extremely important to me, and greatly appreciated. I strive to earn your future business and referrals. I can only do this through your complete satisfaction and recommendations. I am dedicated to serving you.

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