How To Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Presented

If my home did not sell the first time, ask yourself:

Most every agent puts a home in the MLS, which then syndicates to hundreds of different websites. HOW your home is represented in the MLS and other media is crucial. It all starts here.

Ask yourself the following questions. If the answer is “no” to any of them, your home was possibly not presented in its very best light.

1. Did a professional home photographer with an eye for presentation, take photos of my home?

2. Was my home “staged” by my realtor or others, prior to taking the photos?

3. Did my agent suggest any “fix-ups;” paint, carpet or staging, prior to taking photos?

4. Were the photos professionally “touched up” with color and contrast (i.e., adding blue sky on a cloudy day if needed?)

5. Were my photos displayed in the MLS with detailed descriptions about each photo, listing items potential buyers might miss?

6. Was every detail about my home listed in the MLS; and not just the “required fields” filled in?

7. Did my agent walk through and take detailed notes about my property prior to listing, or ask me to give them a list?

8. Was the description written about my home written with care, and specifically geared to target the potential buyer for my home?

9. Did the description utilize words carefully so that the most important items were conveyed in the limited space available?

10. Did my agent use the maximum number of photos allowed in the MLS, or close to that number?

11. Did my agent explain to me the best ways to show my property, and what should be done prior to showings?

12. Did my agent explain why its important to not to be present during showings, whenever possible? Or if I am present, what should and shouldn’t be done or said?

13. Were high quality flyers created for my home, using the professional photos and a detailed, flattering description of the property- not just a homemade flyer with a “bullet-point” list?

14. Was the flyer used in my home for buyer showings, in full color, printed on thick card stock paper?

15. If vacant, did the agent have someone to check on my property to remove mail, water potted plants, change smoke detector batteries when they started beeping, wash down the patio, check for lights left on, etc?

16. If vacant, did the agent “stage” my property with decorative items to add a little pizzazz and make the photographs better? In House Staging.

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