14 Reasons Your Home Did Not Sell

1. Not receiving adequate exposure to the market. Your real estate agent should have a comprehensive, proven marketing plan to fully expose your property to all potential buyers on a regular basis. Sheri Isaacs Real Estate Group has a 7-Part Marketing Plan that works!

2. Pricing too high. Your sales professional should have the tools to make sure you receive top dollar for your home in any market. But pricing too high may hurt your sale. Make sure your agent helps you position your home correctly for current market conditions. See Pricing Your Home.

3. Not taking time for fix-ups. Small repairs can help bring big profits and fast sales have a professional give you low-cost solutions to minor repairs that will yield big profits.

4. Poor Timing. Have a professional determine if the market cycle is poised to net you the most money, or ask to be shown how to make profits in a down market cycle.

5. Restricted showing access. There are many ways to show a home. Appointment only is the most restrictive; lock boxes are the least restrictive there are methods in-between have a professional help you determine which is best for your home and lifestyle.

6. Not “staging” your property. Can you put items in storage? Rearrange existing furniture and create more light or add music? Staging is a standard part of our service.

7. Not choosing the right Realtor! Please see our report 15 Critical Questions to Qualify Your Potential Agent

8. Not understanding our local “selling cycles”. A home can be sold any time of the year. A competent professional should be able to explain the seasonal “selling cycles” and best position your property in the market according to where it fits in the cycle.

9. Not using current marketing technology. It’s not just about the internet anymore. It’s about where you are and what you do on the internet. You Tube videos, targeted Facebook marketing strategies, MLS language translating websites…are just some of the strategies that can help your home be seen by more potential buyers.

10. Not re-evaluating the market and the feedback from showings regularly. Sometimes a minor change, based on a review, can make the difference in getting your home sold. We send you regular updates, and schedule a 30-day review with you, until you sell.

11. Not “keeping up appearances” for the buyer. Sales have been hampered by un-kept lawns, unpainted front doors, hard-to-work locks, dead light bulbs, bad colors, stains, unlit areas, and bad smells. Spend time on the little things, double up on your gardener, keep things cleaner than usual, and consider cosmetic fix-ups.

12. Not giving the sales effort enough time. Some homes just take longer to sell than others. An extra small yard, or being on a busy street, take longer to find the right buyer. Make sure your agent has a comprehensive marketing plan that will reach this smaller pool of potential buyers.

13. Testing the market. Never put your property on the market unless you really want to sell! Of course your agent should work hard to get you the highest price possible, but if your price is too far out of line with the current market, you’ll be “testing the market” and likely won’t sell.

14. Not holding your agent accountable. Make sure your agent has explained how they work, and what you can expect. Then, hold them to it! If they don’t perform as promised, you should be able to cancel your contract! See our Easy Exit Listing Agreement!

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