Buying Process

As Your Realtor, We Will Assist You With:​

1. Initial Interview
• Determine your needs, wants and desires in a home
• Discuss parameters.
• Understand how this move helps you achieve your dreams/goals.

2. Get Pre-qualified by Lender
• Introduce you to our preferred lenders.
• Submit documents to chosen lender for you.
• Loan pre-qualification approval letter is obtained from lender.

3. Property Tours
• I will preview several properties each week.
• Show you available homes that suit your needs, emotions and lifestyle.
• Listen to you carefully to fine tune your “Ideal” Home.
• Help educate you about the current market.

4. Target a Home that is “Ideal” and Write the Offer
• Determine Sellers’ motivation, run “comps” and guide you as we structure your offer.
• Help you understand the most important parts.

5. The Offer is Presented to the Seller
• I will prepare my presentation by highlighting the strengths of your offer and your strength as a buyer.
• I present offer to the seller and/or the sellers’ agent.
• The sellers accept the offer, counters your offer or rejects it.

6. Counter Offer
• Any counter offer received is discussed. We can accept, or “counter the counter”.

7. Escrow
• Once the offer is accepted, escrow is opened.
• You will be required to drop off a check or wire your earnest money deposit to escrow.
• Escrow orders a Preliminary Title Report and sends copies to your agent and to you.
• Escrow instructions issued to all parties along with opening package.

8. Loan Application
• A full loan application is submitted to the lender of your choice.
• We provide your lender with a copy of the purchase agreement.

9. Contingency Period
• Buyer reviews and approves Seller’s Real Estate Disclosures.
• Buyer reviews Preliminary Title Report.
• Physical inspections/pest inspections are completed, accepted or negotiated.
• Property appraisal and loan approval are in progress.
• Buyer is asked to remove contingencies.

10. Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage
• Buyers obtain a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy for their new home and the insurance information is given to escrow.
• Escrow orders a copy of the homeowners’ insurance policy for the new lender prior to escrow closing.

11. Signing documents at Escrow Company
• Buyers need to bring current photo identification to sign notarized loan documents at escrow or a mobile notary can be arranged.

12. Down Payment and Closing Funds
• The escrow officer provides you with a Buyer’s Estimated Closing Statement which itemizes your costs and advises you of total monies due.
• Buyer brings a cashier’s check to escrow several days prior to closing.

13. Funding
• The lender sends funds to the title company.

14. Close of Escrow
• The deed is recorded at the County Recorder’s office by title. (You will receive the original back from the Country Recorder in approximately 6 weeks)
• Keys are transferred from seller to buyer.

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